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We Listen, We Deliver - Because Protection is Our Passion

At the heart of our operation is a commitment to delivering tailored security solutions that resonate with the unique needs of each client. Our journey began with the realization that the security landscape in Saskatchewan needed a provider capable of offering both comprehensive and customizable services. Since 1965, our dedication has been to bridge this gap, fueled by a passion for protection and a mission to serve communities and businesses with integrity, respect, and excellence. Our team of skilled professionals embodies our values of passion, quality, humility, adaptability, and community support, ensuring every partner receives nothing but the best. With cutting-edge technology and a personalized approach, we're not just offering security services; we're building lasting relationships and creating a safer Saskatchewan.

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Our Experience

Successfully completed projects for our clients

Western Canadian Crop Production Show

Since 1983, the Western Canadian Crop Production Show in Saskatoon has been a hub for global grain producers, showcasing agricultural innovation. Flaman Investigation and Security provides security services, reflecting our commitment to event safety and local agriculture. Join us in celebrating over four decades of excellence at this event.

Grand Slam of Curling/WFG

Flaman Investigation and Security secures the esteemed Grand Slam of Curling, a premier event in the World Curling Tour. With a minimum prize of CAD$100,000, it attracts elite teams globally. The third event of the 2023-24 season featured 16 top men's and women's teams selected from the World Curling Federation's rankings. Join us in safeguarding this thrilling Saskatchewan competition.

Festival of Trees

Step into the enchanting winter wonderland at the Western Development Museum. Decorated trees, wreaths, and centerpieces adorn the setting against the backdrop of 1910 Boomtown. Flaman Investigation and Security ensured a safe and memorable experience for all visitors.

The Saskatchewan Snow Show

The 2023 Sask Snow Show celebrated snowmobiling's joy and camaraderie while fundraising for trail system maintenance and safety education. Flaman Investigation and Security ensured a secure, enjoyable event for all.

AG In Motion: Western Canada's Agricultural Showcase

AG In Motion near Saskatoon is a top farm expo drawing farmers and industry professionals nationwide. Flaman Investigation and Security provided secure surroundings for industry advancement at this essential event.

Annual Convention and Trade Show

This event merges convention and trade show elements, making a significant impact on Saskatoon's economic landscape. Industry leaders, businesses, and organizations convene to share insights, showcase innovations, and network. Flaman Investigation and Security provided security for a safe experience. backbone of our services Rigorous training programs ensure.

Customized Security Approach
Team Collaboration
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Reliable Security Services by Trusted Professionals

We deliver a customized approach to professional security that’s specialized uniquely to individual clients. Our management team will meet with you to consider the security challenges you face, before developing a responsive, solution-centric security service that respects your goals and existing policies.

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Feedbacks about us

Flaman Security has provided security services for the Ness Creek Music Festival for many years as well as the Electric Sky Electronic Music and Arts Festival, Nesscape Minibreaks and our Fall Fair(BackwardsNess).Their team has always been professional, friendly and a pleasure to work with. From the start of planning process right through to implement, their team has always been willing to work with us to help us present the safest possible environment for our festival goers, volunteers, artists and staff.

Kerri Fischer

The guys are very hard working. They help keep us safe when big activities in saskatoon happen like the exhibition as well as the fireworks that we have by the river. “ Thank you all for your hard work.

Ashley Yobb-Smith

I have found that Flaman Security and Team always go the extra mile to help keep our site secure,for example when we make error regarding onsite coverage needed,they always get a guard sent out in a quick order.The guards are professional, well trained, on time and do what is asked of them with no hesitation, this is coupled with all in the company I have dealt with having a pleasant demeanor.

Barry Blanchard

The strong friendly guards are great at keeping people in line without being too rough. Hope to see this company at more events.

Aaron Berg


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